Senior Year Calendar


South Gate High School Class of 1964 Calendar



           7                    School year begins

         19                    Pep tryouts

         27                    South Gate vs Pius X, football


          1                     Dennis Keany installed as Student Body President

                                 Sherry Overton announced as Milk Bowl Queen

                                 Milk Bowl Queen’s Court

                                 Terri Moore

                                 Linda Smith

                                 Sharon Spangler

          2                    Student House of Representatives meeting chaired by Principal Miller and

                                Student Body President Carl Bellone

                                 Science Club elections

                                 Senior winter class vs senior summer class, volleyball

          4                     Mrs. Luke decrees, coeds are not allowed to wear boy’s letterman jackets or

                                 sweaters on school grounds

                                 It was announced that The Miracle Worker will be this year’s student play

                                 South Gate vs Washington, football at El Camino College

          9                     Roaring 20’s Day sponsored by Senior A&B classes

        11                     Boys Fed announces first event of year – Crazy Hat Day 

                                 Milk Bowl – South Gate vs Jordan

        16                     Senior photos begin, six seniors per gym class assigned to auditorium for


                                 Photo purchase plans:

                                 Regular - four poses $1.04

                                 Deluxe - six poses    $3.00

        19                     South Gate vs Wilson, football at East LA College

        25                     Beverly Beier, Sales Club President, announces of Ramleback to begin Oct 28.

                                 Cost $4.00

                                 South Gate vs Roosevelt, football

        30                     South Gate vs Gardena, baseball


          1                    Chief Justice Candy Fallon administers oath of office to 80 members

                                of the Student Body House of Representatives

                                Alumni Baby Show

        10                    South Gate vs Narbonne, basketball

        12                    Girls League Food Drive

        13                    Senior Winter vs Senior Summer class, softball

                                South Gate vs Belmont, basketball

                                South Gate vs Bell, football

       18                     Senior Winter vs Summer class basketball

       20                     Pipeline, film presented by the Inland Surf Club of South Gate

                                South Gate vs Garfield, football

       21                     Pedagogues attend meeting at USC

       27                     South Gate vs Wilson, basketball

       31                     Cross country meet at Pierce College 


         1                    South Gate Christmas Lane Parade

         5                    Winter Class ’64 Senior Tea

         6                    South Gate v Huntington Park, basketball

         7                    Senior Winter & Summer Class snow trip to Big Bear/Crestline

         8                    Betty Crocker Competition, Room 234

       11                    Seal Bearer Awards Dessert

       12                    Modernettes, dance tryouts

       14                    De Molay-Jobs Daughters-Rainbow Annual Christmas Dance

       18                    SGHS Christmas party for Graham Ave, elementary school students

                               Ladies attend matinee performance of Los Posadas at Padua Hills Theatre

                               Knights present My Fair Lady

                               New band uniforms debut


        8                     Ramblerettes Co-leader tryouts

                               Winter senior class Grad Nite announced

                               South Gate v Bell, basketball

       10                    Girls League officers installation

                               Marilyn Fuller installed as Girls League President

                               Teacher Talent Show

       11                    Pep-Rambelerette Semi-formal Dance

       12                    School class rings arrive

       17                    Winter senior class Senior Breakfast

                               GAA election, P Pennington elected President

                               Pedagogue election, K Kastle elected President

                               GM Scholarship finalists announced; Dennis Hardin, Dave Danner, Jim Cox, Dave

                               Johnsons and Dave Stauffer

       22                    AFS members attend “The Royal Family” at the Glendale Center Theater

       26                    Winter Senior Class Vespers

       27                    Final exams

       28                    Final exams

       29                    Final exams

       31                    Winter class ’64 graduation

                              Winter class ’64 Grad Nite, La Fayette Hotel in Long Beach


       16                    Ladies induction Tea

       20                    South Gate v Jordon, Baseball

       21                    Howdy Hop

                              Future Nurses meeting


       23                    Senior Prom “Paris de Nuit” at the South Gate Civic Auditorium

       28                    GAA Banquet


        1                     Disney Grad Nite tickets available for purchase

        4                     Student production of Oklahoma

      11                     Student production of Oklahoma

      12                     Student production of Oklahoma

                              Summer Class ’64 Senior Breakfast

                              Graduation cap/gown/ticket distribution

      14                     Summer Class ’64 Senior Picnic at South Gate Park

                              Summer Class ’64 Vespers at South Gate Civic Auditorium

      18                     Summer Class ’64 Graduation

                              Summer Senior Glass Grad Nite at Disneyland