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03/23/14 09:50 PM #1    

Francisco Pegueros

Welcome to the South Gate High School Class of 1964 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

11/09/14 06:04 PM #2    

Jackie Lipson (De Ford)

Our class reunion went so fast it's a blur. I keep looking at the pictures. For all of those that didn't go, you don't know what you missed. It was a great time. We were back in the sixties for a little while. Great job to all that put it together and the venue was beautiful. Thanks to all.

11/09/14 07:31 PM #3    

William Savage

I have to agree with you Jackie.  I wish we could do it one more time this next weekend.  Thank you Frank and Martha and Candy for all your dedication to make this reunion such a marveluos sucess.  I hope to see everyone again at the 55th...(or sooner).

11/10/14 10:07 AM #4    

Peggy Pennington (Kleinpell)

It was a magical weekend to see and talk to so many friends from South Gate High!!   Monteleone Meadows is beautiful and it was great to be casually dressed!   It was all just beyond good, and heartfelt THANKS to Frank, Martha, and Candy for making it happen!!   All the best to everyone until we meet again!!

11/10/14 10:14 AM #5    


LaWana Leatherwood (Heald)

Heartfelt gratitude to Martha, Frank and Candy for the reunion!  It was fantastic.  It was wonderful to reconnect with old friends and acquaintences.  A  great time was had by all and the venue was beyond words. 

LaWana Leatherwood Heald

11/10/14 10:45 AM #6    

Carla Williams (Roberts)

What a party!  The DJ was great, getting everyone up & working out!  The music was so much fun to dance to, just like old times.  The venue couldn't have been better - Thanks to all who worked so hard putting it together.

Carls (Williams) Roberts

11/10/14 11:19 AM #7    

Susan Mills (Knudtson)

Bob and I had a wonderful time!  Bob is still hoarse from talking so much. :) Fifty years seemed to be wiped away and we were all youngsters again, although I have to say I'm a little achey from all the dancing, but it was worth every second. Martha, Frank and Candy, everything was perfect. We can't thank you enough. Can I be the first to nominate all of you to head up our next get together?  Everyone in favor say...........I would love to help. I'm in!

11/10/14 11:41 AM #8    

Doug Wright S'63

Jusst a note. The "grad nite" page mentions that 64 was the first all night grad party at Disneyland. Class of 63 had one also.

I hope everyone had a great time at the reunion.

11/10/14 01:09 PM #9    


Beverly Beier

Wonderful time at the reunion.  Enjoyed seeing all my teenaged friends again.  Brought back a lot of great memories.  Being back in high school for two days was fantastic.  Super venue, Mike.  Thank you and good job Frank, Martha, Candy and all who organized it.   Sooooo much fun !   GO RAMS !


11/10/14 01:10 PM #10    


Cliff Hamer

yes First, I would like to give a heart felt thank you to Martha, Frank, Candy and all those who organized and participated in this wonderful event.  That is what I call "Ram Spirit".

I, like many of you only wish it could have lasted longer.  This weekend went by as fast as the last 50, where did it go. 

Though I did not get to reconnect with all of you personally, I did at least get to talk to some of you briefly.  And that was a wonderful feeling.   

For those that have passed before us, we should not worry.   They were celebrating right along with us.....just from a "Higher Venue". 

Thank's to all of you 1964 SGHS  "kids".  You seriously brought tears of happiness to this 68 year old "kid".crying

smileycryingkiss  Cliff Hamer



11/10/14 03:01 PM #11    

Carol Griswold (Cole)

Hi everyone!

     Wow, that was the BEST weekend I've ever had, and to be back in high school again was awesome!     Again, another HUGE thank-you to Frank, Martha, Candy and all the others for putting together a perfectly wonderful reunion!    

     I look forward to seeing everyone again at the 55th - I can't wait!!    Carol Cole (Griswold)



11/10/14 03:41 PM #12    


Gloria Valenciana (Hulina)

I too had a great time and yes, it went by way too fast!  A BIG Thank you to Martha & Frank and Candy and Mike & Henny.  It was so great seeing all the old friends, brought back so many memories. Til next time!smiley

11/10/14 07:52 PM #13    


Carl Bellone

It  was an amazing weekend! Thanks to Frank, Martha, and Candy for making it so successful.  It was quite an experience to reconnect with old friends and to be back in high school again. It reminded me of how lucky I was to be at South Gate High with so many wonderful classmates. The location of the reunion was beautiful, relaxing, and spacious.  Thanks to everyone who came.  

11/11/14 10:59 PM #14    


Donna Pahel (Mclver)

Hats off to Martha and Frank for a wonderful reunion. Also to Mike for letting us have it at a beautiful place. i would recomend this place to anyone I know. The time just flew by not enough time to get to talk to everyone and take pictures.

Looking  forward to the next one take care until we meet again.yes


11/13/14 01:01 PM #15    


Carol Hohnbaun (Hoisington)

Just want to add my "THANK YOU" to Frank, Martha, Candy and all those who made the weekend extra special. What at weekend!  It was so great to see everyone and get re-aquainted.



05/07/15 03:59 PM #16    


Linda Scott (Pellerito)

Hi once again.   Added photo of a mini-South Gate reunion of sorts.  My last night at the Star Wars Convention last month and Andrea (Padilla) Andrade, Carla (Williams) Roberts and Mary and I had dinner in Anaheim. We could have talked for hours more.....Thanking all who collected information from the Class of '64 so that we were able to contact one another. 

05/27/19 06:12 PM #17    


Linda Scott (Pellerito)

Still working my way around this site but just adding news about my April:  Fantastic PINK concert! Great vids posted by daughter on my FB wall; Of course I attended the Star Wars Celebration in Chicago and got a pic and chat with Hayden Christensen  - but this is what it took for that great smile - I said, "Let's pretend I'm your grandmother who only wants the best for you" ----- it worked!  Pic on wall.  Then....I took off for Copenhagen and all parts Scandinavia (except Norway, dang it), then over to the Baltic States of Lativa and Estonia (sooooo inspirational - the Singing Revolutin - had you ever heard of it?  Me neither but I'll never forget it...Then to Poland where we had the most enthusiastic guide ever - he looked like a college student but his goal was to have us leave his country loving it as much as he did....Then on to Russia!  My degree is in History so...I was stoked to see the burial sites of Peter the Great, Catherine the Great and now the Romanovs who were all (including their dog) murdered to accommodate the Russian Revoltuion. I really need to contact my college professors,   I returned from this trip and had to get ready for Doctor Who!  Fantastic visit and pic with my favorite Doctor, #10, David Tennant with one of my favorite companions, Martha aka Freema Agyeman.  Oye - don't see an icon indicating at

05/27/19 06:18 PM #18    


Linda Scott (Pellerito)

Continuing my busy April 2019 - pix from trip plus PINK plus Hayden Christensen - plus Doctor Who!

05/28/19 11:25 AM #19    

Jill Robertson (Harding)

Hello Linda,

It looks like you had a great time and I am so happy for you.   Thank you for sharing!


Love you




05/29/19 12:32 PM #20    


Linda Scott (Pellerito)

Thanks, Jill.  Busiest April for me..ever.  Little Mermaid in Copenhage; more Star Wars & pic of sons and grandsons. Mark ran on crutches!

06/28/23 01:03 AM #21    


Linda Scott (Pellerito)

All my $ went here to fulfill a promise to my granddaughter - a trip to Paris if she continued to find room for her French class in college. Trip was cancelled 3 times after booking Airbnb and flights. It finally happened and I just returned.  My daughter and her son also joined us and we lucked out because the Airbnb I booked was rigtht across the street from the stadium where the French soccer national team plays and practices and that includes their star, Mbappé, who my grandson worships, Also it was the week of a music festival so we had stadium light shows and entertainment going on nearly every night where we benefited from having a balcony and it was great stuff, real music to my ears if you'll excuse the pun. Elton John was in Paris the entire week too for his sold out farewell tour concert. And now I have so much jet lag after waking up from a long nap,  I thought my travel partners had spent the night so I fixed a fresh batch of coffee only to was 8:30...PM.  And those travel partners are either on the east side of Michigan or back home in upstate New York.  I don't think these kinds of things get better with age - they just happen more often Sorry I won't be at the reunion but after annually cancelling for each year due to the pandemic, I wanted to have that promise I made back in 2019 fulfilled.

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