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Virgil Hughes

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04/12/14 08:20 PM #1    

Francisco Pegueros

Riding the waves  and hanging ten in the skies - gone too soon!  You are missed - Martha Egdorf Pegueros

06/03/14 12:13 PM #2    

Russ Daly

Back in '58 or '59, a group of us were sitting around in the Park after the Plunge closed and Virgil told us the most amazing thing. He'd been down to Huntington (Beach not Park) and saw that some kids had knocked the handles off of their homemade 2X4 scooters (with the metal shoe skates nail to the bottom) and were able to stand up and ride without holding on.  Wow! We all went home and dug ours out of the garage to see if Virgil was putting us on. I didn't take off the handle but I tried riding with one hand and then let go all together.  After numberous crashes, I finally 'got it.'  I took off the handle and started riding all over the place.  To this day I believe that Virgil Hughes brought skateboarding to South Gate. 

The last time I saw Virgil was in the early '80s at my Moms funeral.  The very funny Virgil Hughes, the class clown, was a funeral director at Biby & Belyea Mortuary on California St.  It's a weird world.

NOTE: In the process of writing this, old memories were ignited that heven't been recalled for years.  And now some uncertainty creeps into my recollection of the event.  So the story happened as I recall but, it was either Virgil or Lane Tribe that brought us the word.  If you were there, please speak up.

Update:  I don't feels so bad about not remembering.  I got in touch with Lane Tribe and we talked for quite a while.  Lane can't remember exactly but he thinks it might have been Virgil.  Lane won't be coming down to the reunion but he wishes everyone well.  He's up in Aubrun and would enjoy hearing from you.  He can be reached at 530/887-9143.

07/07/14 10:39 AM #3    

Linda Smith (Brink)

Virgil was a friend of mine for many years.  He lived a couple blocks away from me.  We started school together at Liberty Blvd. grammer school.  We would walk to school together so we wouldn't have to be alone.  My sweet Mom and his Mom Barbara were good friends.  I think the last time my Mom saw Virgil was at my Dad's funeral.  It breaks my heart to know that so many wonderful people are gone.  It make me know what a wonderful GIFT that life really is. God Bless you Virgil!!!!


03/11/16 11:37 AM #4    

Dennis Hughes '62

Even as you have passed brother... WE clebrate your birthday... in your honor... Dennis

03/11/16 09:02 PM #5    

Martha Egdorf (Pegueros)

Happy Birthday sweet, kind Virgil.  You always come to my mind on March 11th.  You were taken way to soon from us and are truly missed.  Thanks Dennis for your post.  I know this is a painful day for you and our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.


03/11/18 02:35 PM #6    

Dennis Hughes '62

HAPPY BIRTHDAY BROTHER!.... You passed to soon...... you were a great brother and wonder father to your children... Dennis

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