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Sandy Woodson (Sherman)

Sandy Woodson (Sherman)

We received notification today that Sandy Woodson-Sherman has passed away.  Sandy died on January 28, 2018.  She had a stroke several years ago and died as a result of complications from the stroke.  Sandy attended Bryson Elementary.  She is survived by her sister Pat Woodson who was in the South Gate High School Class of 1962. Sandy was a beautiful sweet girl always had a big smile on her face.  Another classmate gone too soon.  Rest in Peace sweet Sandy.

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02/13/18 11:54 AM #3    

Gloria Valenciana (Hulina)

So sorry to hear about Sandy Woodson, RIP Sandy

02/13/18 12:40 PM #4    

Robert Stephen

Very sorry to hear about Sandy's passing.  I remember her as a very sweet person. RIP Sandy.

Bob Stephen

02/14/18 11:41 AM #5    

Arnold Leon

I recall a sweet, gentle young lady that rode the "J" car with me to HP High the Summer of '62.
Thanks again, to Frank and Martha for "our" website of wonderful memories.


02/14/18 01:52 PM #6    

Laraine Attebery (Gray)

I went to Bryson, too, and Sandy was a member of my church.  I remember my mother and I walking to her house (no one had two cars in those days) where Sandy, Pat and I played while our mothers visited.  Her mother, Jo, was very sweet, too. 


02/15/18 01:31 AM #7    

Linda Scott (Pellerito)

Wow - all kinds of sadness to hear of the loss of more classmates.  When you haven't seen them since 1964, that's the picture in your mind - that they never grew older. Sandy was in a few of my classes every year, always nice to everyone, a very pretty brown-eyed girl. High school really does stay with you, no matter what kind of experience you had.

02/15/18 08:35 PM #8    

Merideth Ayars (Villard)

I remember Sandy at Bryson Avenue. She and Suzy Johnson always stood together in the class pictures every year. I remember Sandy in a plaid dress and a sweater. I’m so sorry to learn of her passing.   My prayers are with her family, unfortunately I know what they are going through.   

02/16/18 12:38 PM #9    

Karen Trace (Verzani)

I also went to Bryson Avenue Elementary School and knew Sandy as a fun loving girl. South Gate was a safe neighborhood to grow up during a much quieter time. We are so fortunate to have wonderful memories of days past.

02/16/18 03:38 PM #10    

Candy Fallon (Juhrend)

I am so sorry to hear of Sandy's passing.  I didn't have the pleasure of going to elementary school with her but I do remember her as a very sweet, kind and friendly girl.  She was also very pretty!  We were blessed to have her in our SGHS family and we were blessed to grow up and live in such a wonderful time.  RIP Sandy and my condolences to your family.


03/01/18 05:34 PM #11    

Gordon Phillips

I haven't been around for awhile. Now that I'm trying to get back in action one of the first things I run into is the passing of Sandy.  When I started first grade Sandy was in my room and I couldn't keep my eyes off her. Oh my, love is such a hard thing to handle even when you're six years old.

One day I got my courage up and asked if we could eat lunch together. Sweat glist.ening, hands shaking, heart machine gunning in my six year old chest. She said yes! It was a very quiet repast. Sandy was more involved with her PB&J than in me. But for a week after that the fact remained, I HAD LUNCH WITH SANDY WOODSON!

We lost touch after awhile. I knew my place and Sandy blossomed into a busy and beautiful young lady. My heart is heavy today. My spirit has taken another blow due to the loss of yet another friend and classmate. the loss of Ron Kimbrell, Charles Villard, Donald Clark, Bill George, Lynn Stivers, Vicky Ramsey, and on and on took the reality of our mortality to a new level for me. Each loss emptied a very special niche on my shelf of memories. Here's to Sandy. May she rest peacefully in our hearts'




03/02/18 08:05 PM #12    

Terry Houle

I hardly knew Sandy but could never forget her beautiful smile and friendly demeanor. At 16 years of age I was stunned by her appearance and never had the nerve to really approach her. So sad to hear of her passing. Memories are a wonderful thing. My best to her family and loved ones. RIP Sandy



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